8 Reasons You Should Always Date A Girl Who Drinks


So here’s the scenario. You’ve got a long list of traits that you want in a woman – hopefully, not as extensive as this guy – and it’s hard enough finding a girl with even two of the traits you care about, let alone all of them. So you start dating several women just for the sake of dating someone or you just want a nice lay every now and then while you find the perfect match. It’s natural to feel that way. We’re all humans and we all want some company, both physical and otherwise. However, that infrequent fuck or dinner and a movie with Boring Bethany are starting to drive you mad.

Nevertheless, you keep putting yourself out there and low and behold, you finally meet a really cool girl. You start off with a simple coffee date, then maybe a trip to a museum or a quick lunch to get to know each other more, but still keep it casual. Finally, you want to amp it up a little and include one of your best friends (alcohol, duh) so you invite her out for drinks. But…

She declines. Politely though, but who cares? Your ego was slightly damaged. Maybe she’s just busy that day, so you follow up with an alternative date. Still, she declines. What gives? Is it something you said, or is there just something wrong with her?

A few days go by and you still can’t stop thinking about her, because she’s got it all… or so you think. So you ask her what’s up. Only to find out…

She. Doesn’t. Drink.

She may be perfect on certain levels, but she definitely won’t be the answer to all of your solutions if she doesn’t imbibe from time to time. After all, women date men who they think they can change, but can’t. Men date women who they hope won’t change, but do. Maybe she’ll start to have a drink, but if she hasn’t thus far in life, I wouldn’t bet money on that future change. And hell no, are you curbing your or intake. So, now what? Don’t settle for being a Bad Luck Brian. Dump her and move on because you should always date a girl who drinks.

Scroll down to find out why.

(DISCLAIMER: Technically all of this could apply to a girl dating a guy who drinks, but I’ll let you women do all the conversions in your brain. Math wasn’t my strong suit.)

1.) She’s Down To Stay Up Until 6am To Close Out The Last Bar (Or 2am in most places)


Don’t you hate it when you’re out with one of your “responsible” friends and they just keep checking their watch the whole time. It’s not even bar time, and they already have to go so they can “get up early and work” or “take care of their family” or something stupidly productive like that. Sometimes, you just want to stay out until you physically – and legally – can drink no more.

2.) You Can Be Yourself Around Her Because You Know She Will Be Herself Too


Too often are guys concerned with doing something embarrassing in front of the girl they like. Well, with a girl who likes to drink (preferably a lot), you can be certain that she will be making a fool of herself as well. So, then neither of you can really blame the other about embarrassing each other. Also, there’s the off chance that if you do/say something stupid, she may not remember it the next day.

3.) She Is Willing To Go Almost Anywhere With You Because She Knows There Will Be Drinks There


Disney Land? Bowling? State Fair? Local Water Park? Renaissance Fair? Reggae Concert? Backpacking in the woods? Deep Sea Fishing? As long as there’s a bar around there or a filled-up flask, she will follow you to some of your less-than-perfect ideas for adventure.

4.) She Knows That Sex Is Better While Buzzed


Liquid Courage often leads to just the right kind of fun you’re always looking for. A few shots for the both of you and you’re ready to take a one-way ticket to pound town. Who knows, that extra buzz might have you two doing some new things you have always wished of trying, but didn’t have the guts to do so before. Just make sure you don’t get Whiskey Dick or the whole plan is ruined. (DISCLAIMER, make sure you know her well enough/are her boyfriend so that you don’t run into any issues with consent.)

5.) She’s (Sometimes) Content With Just Staying In For The Night To Have A Bottle Of Wine (Or Two)


You can’t always brave the club scene, wade through a crowded bar, or stand for hours at a concert. Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics and kick it at home with your sweetheart. Don’t make it a habit, but it’s good to recharge from time to time.

6.) She Gets It When You Just Need A Drink To Cap The Day


We all have long days. And most of us can find a sense of solace in the fact that when we get home, there’s a cold beer or shot of tequila waiting for us. Girls who drink understand the stresses of life and how a few sips can make all those qualms temporarily go away.

7.) She Doesn’t Criticize You For Having One Too Many


Sure you may drink too much at times, but you don’t want someone to constantly tell you that you’ve had too much. It’s better to have a caring and understanding mate that realizes you have a knack for partying and getting things done.

8.) She Knows Your Personal Tastes


Not only does a girl who drinks pay attention to your personal tastes in alcohol, she also tends to transfer that consideration to other facets of your life too (i.e. the perfect birthday present, or the most arousing activity in bed).

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