The Room

Last night the Esquire Theater here in Cincinnati screened “The Room”, they brought in Greg Sestero who played Mark to do a Q and A beforehand and show a documentary about how the movie was made.

I’m a fan of a handful of bad movie podcasts, The Flop House and Blank Check in particular, so I’m familiar with “The Room” but I’ve never seen it. Seeing the documentary before the actual film was an interesting experience. You could really tell when they ran out of money or motivation to build sets and just started filming in the literal parking lot.

Part of the appeal of the room is that you get to watch someone run full force, completely earnestly into a wall for 99 minutes. Tommy Wiseau had enough money to hire a legitimate crew to light and film “The Room” and he hired real actors to play the other parts. In the documentary the other actors talk about wanting to do a good job. Having some scenes filmed on 35 milimeter film was considered a feather in their cap. Unfortunately, that could not make up for the writing and direction.

Ultimately, the room is a movie about sex, friendship, and mental health that was made by someone who doesn’t understand sex, friendship or mental health.

- @chuck_greenman