So, you found my blog, eh? Cheers. Now that either means you’ve vaguely heard of me and perhaps even like what I write, or you had the misfortune of stumbling upon this site. My money’s on the latter, but hey, either way I still get more pageviews, right?

So I guess this is where I should to tell you about everything that you will encounter by reading this blog. Well, so here goes. Life is full of problems… and I intend to tackle them (at least the ones I care about), one at a time until they’re all fixed.

The blog is aptly titled for a reason. “I Can Drink Away All my Problems… Except for my Drinking Problem.” At its drunken essence, it will strive to uncover social issues and interesting topics in society by supplying a witty, often-hardened, always sarcastic, mostly biased, and rather buzzed discussion of the ideas at hand. As for anything I can’t help with… well, soon you’ll learn the drill. Grab a glass of wine, crack open a bottle or beer, or take a shot or two and let the problems subside…

Topics will range from getting through a dry spell to overcoming the phenomenon known as the fear of missing out (FOMO), how teen pregnancy could be a good thing, and why all of your dating problems can be solved by dating a girl who drinks, all the way to defending the hate against millennials (we suck… but not that much).

Okay, so at first that glance, that probably sounds a little bleak, but life’s crazy and I’m here to help.

Now onto the important part… me. Just a little background. The name’s Chuck. No, it’s not short for Charlie or Charles. It’s just Chuck. Chuck Greenman. I’m just a regular guy in his twenties who happens to maybe drink a little too much at times. They say it’s “not alcoholism if you’re still in college,” but here I am, out in the free world and now I don’t have that facade to hide behind. We all know it was a bullshit excuse formulated by drunkies anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. Besides, I’m lucky enough that in this day and age in society, (functional) alcoholism is more accepted than obesity, laziness, or hell, even Minnesotan accents. Don’t get me wrong, alcohol doesn’t define me quite like it does for some people. At my core, I’m a writer and I like to write about practically everything, especially controversial issues. I hope you’re down to come along for the ride and hear me out. If not, either get the hell out of here, or write really nasty things in the comments sections under my posts. Either one works.

So, that’s it folks. A quick intro into the life of Chuck Greenman.

Feel free to take my words with a million grains of salt or a million grapes of wine, feel free to laugh at my thoughts, challenge me and respond with your own sentiments. Just know that you’re wrong. I’m just kidding… sort of.

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Toast me at chuckgreenman@gmail.com

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