CraftCodery - In the past year I’ve been working for CraftCodery. I like writting web apps and working with teams that have good cultures, so it’s a great fit. If you’ve got interesting problems and a budget to solve them, get in touch.

Eventual Triathlete - My main fitness goal is to complete an Ironman Triathlon. In pursuit of that goal I’ve been spending a fair amount of time running and cycling. Running is terrible, I suspect that is due to my form. I keep evolving it over time but I still feel like I’m crashing into the ground on every stride, losing momentum and motivation.

I’ve learned that I love cycling though, I can power through 25 - 50 miles like nothing after work these days.

CrossFit - I know, it’s a cult and cringey to talk about. Having a schedule and an expectation to be improving in the workouts is a super powerful tool. The single best intervention for my sleep issues has been incorporating intense cardio and strength workouts 5-7 times a week.

Now Pages are pretty nifty, you should have one.